Bamboo Flooring

Usefulness and Maintenance of Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring has been gaining popularity in the recent times. It provides very good alternative to the regular but costly wooden flooring made of mahogany wood. Bamboo is not a wood but instead it is a kind of grass. It has properties similar to wood flooring but with many more advantages. It is quite cheap when you compare it to the regular wooden flooring.

Wooden flooring is very susceptible to moisture. When compared Bamboo flooring is generally resistant to the moisture and water. Despite this advantage make sure that you do not allow the water to be spilled onto the bamboo flooring. Even if you drop water by chance make sure you cleanse it properly and instantly. Make use of some cloth or foam that can absorb the water or moisture from its surface. You can make use of the other cleansing tools like broom and vacuum cleaners. Another advantage of the bamboo flooring is that the scratches are not prominently visible on the surface unlike wooden or tile flooring.

While cleaning the bamboo do not make use of the normal cleaners that are used on tile or wooden flooring. These cleaners have got the chemicals in them which are not particularly useful or compatible with the bamboo flooring. These chemicals will instead erode the upper protective covering of the bamboo flooring and expose it to the moisture. Further, these chemicals take away the shine of bamboo flooring. Also, avoid the waxes or polishes that are specifically targeted for the wooden flooring. Make use of the cleaners and polishes available in the market particularly made for the bamboo flooring.

Along with these precautions, you should follow some other common practices. Do not wear pointed heels regularly on this kind of flooring. Pointed heels can make scratches and take the protective layer off. Try not to drag the heavy furniture like chairs or table on bamboo flooring. Instead lift them with somebody’s help. You can also place some pads under the legs of chairs and tables. These methods will help you increase the life and beauty of the bamboo flooring.