Exploring The Beautiful Island of Saint Kitts

Exploring The Beautiful Island of Saint Kitts

These 2 islands in the Caribbean — Saint Kitts and Nevis —  were some of the first islands to be occupied by Europeans known as the Mother Colony of the West Indies. The islands offer fantastic diving sites due to ample marine life.

St. Kitts island alone has an enticing collection of attractions and it is easy to engage with the island through a host of activities. Start your tour with:

Sugar Train Tour

To board the Scenic Railway is the best way to do if you could do just one thing in St. Kitts, as it is the last one in the West Indies. The train today takes travelers on an 18-mile journey and was constructed for the sugar trade in the early 20th century. Visitors can enjoy the gentle wind with complimentary rum punch and the sounds of the train’s own choir as the double-decker carriages have open-sided top decks.

Visit the Volcano

The highest volcano at 3,792ft (1,156m) is Mount Liamuiga, the island is paramount by three volcanic peaks. Enveloped with rainforest, on the way to the top you may encounter vervet monkeys and wild orchids. To reach the very top is exclusive to the fittest and as a reward, take a peek of the impressive deep crater. Visitors can also go part of the way or strive on a gentler nature trail on the slopes.Visit the volcano Click Here

Bike the Hills

Riding a mountain bike, quad bike or horse are fun ways to encounter the hills of St. Kitts. Local guides are present who will take you forth twisting trails through the forest and old cane fields and towards to the sea. You can go your own way if confident and if you prefer.

Embrace the Scenery

A tour around the coast can be just as rewarding though The St. Kitts inner is amazingly bushy. You’ll see stretches of atypical lava formations, volcanic sand, lovely villages and thick foliage as well as representative Caribbean beaches.  It is well worth touring the finger of land that stretches out approaching its sister isle of Nevis.

Dip Into the Water

The island is great for all types of water sports as it is surrounded by warm blue seas. For thrill-seekers, kiteboarding has become in demand. Travelers can glide across the sea in a kayak, also a good way to spot wildlife for those who opt for a less intense experience.