The Enchanted Queensland

A truly pure enchantment is the Great Barrier Reef. It casts a spell over all who enter the spot not only does it delight the senses. The Great Barrier Reef is the most extensive coral reef system in the world stretching through the sapphire blue waters of Queensland for over 2000 kilometers. It is also the largest World Heritage area, and the largest structure made entirely by living organisms, stretching from Bundaberg in the south, to beyond Cape York in the Tropical North Queensland Region. The Great Barrier Reef covers more than 2900 individual reefs and 900 islands but not a single reef as some would think. Others are small bare sand cays, perpetually vegetated cays, continental islands and some of these islands are unoccupied.

Offers some of the best boating and diving in the world by the warm waters off Queensland. This will introduce you to an extremely deep underwater world and grands of brilliantly colored species of aquatic life that includes 1500 kinds of fish, 4000 kinds of mollusks, 350 kinds of echinoderms and 350 kinds of corals by diving the Great Barrier Reef. A kaleidoscope of color for divers, snorkelers, and people watching from underwater observatories and glass-bottomed boats created by this diversity. From around 22’C in July to around 27’C in January is the average water temperatures on the reef range which makes it perfect for diving all year round.

For a number of rare and endangered species, the Reef became a breeding area. To give delivery to their young in our reef waters, Humpback whales splash up from the Antarctic. Dugong makes their shelter among the sheltered Seagrass beds as there are six of the world’s seven species of sea turtle breed on the Reef.

One of Australia’s major tourist journey is the Reef region. Traveler’s Digest suggests only one company but there are countless boats and different companies to take you to the Reef. Visiting should be enjoyed with a company that gives you personal attention and enjoying the reefs is a personal exhilaration. This company is called “Seahorse Sail and Dive”. To provide safety, comfort, and all that it takes to give you the day of your life as their catamaran motorized sailboat is the ideal size. Captain Jon, a bearded pirate, the skipper’s name that has explored the world and is one of the finest dive/instructors that I have stumbled on and I may say I have met hundreds. Captain Jon teaches you, spoils you with laughter and a carefree attitude that is both amusing and informing. He is a character for sure. A day that was more fulfilling, I cannot remember a day better spent. With every single need and every fantasy, Captain & Crew have provided our small group. He recognizes the ocean, the reefs and everything under the waves. Another adventurous, educational and will give you memories to last a lifetime is the Seahorse reef tour.