Travel: Macau

An administrative region of China — Macau— can be reached by riding a ferry, an hour away from Hong Kong. The Portuguese colonial masters’ influences who formerly colonized Macau has been successful creating into its Chinese heritage. This can be seen in its buildings, food, and tradition. The presence of casinos and high-end shopping centers in such a small peninsula has earned Macau the nickname ‘Las Vegas of Asia.
Macau offers more than being recognized as the gambling capital of Asia. Here are some things to do in this part of China.

The Ruins of St. Paul
Daytime tour is common for tourists and it’s what they prefer when visiting the Ruins of St. Paul. It is highly recommended to check and visit the place during night time. The front façade of the church and grand stone stairs have a different grandiose appeal when the sun starts to set down and the city lights are all lit that brightens the area. There is one drawback though when your tour includes the nearby Monte Fort and Macau Museum to visit. These museums are open to the public until 6:00 p.m. only.
Senado Square from Leal Senado Building
If you have ample time to come back to the Ruins of St. Paul and Senado Square, make sure to check out the Leal Senado building located at the opposite of the square. An amazing view of Senado Square can be glimpse together with the neighboring buildings. The best place to witness the view is at the windows on the second floor. Another worthy place to visit is the courtyard garden and the ceremonial meeting room that leads to the direction of a complex library.
The Old Taipa Village
Right before the huge hotels and casinos started sprouting like mushrooms in Macau, Taipa Island contains narrow lanes and alleys and painted colonial houses. The Old Taipa Village is the home of colonial houses and is one of the two classic ‘villages’ that still survives in the peninsula.
This worthy tourist attraction also houses the Rua Do Cunha, Our Lady of Carmel Church, Taipa Houses Museum, and Carmel Garden and is located near The Venetian Macao.

Portuguese Egg Tart
The famous Portuguese tart has a creamy egg custard filling and flaky outer shell. The egg tart can be bought in any pastry store in Macau and can even be enjoyed while strolling around the city. One piece of this yummy tart isn’t enough to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Exploring The Beautiful Island of Saint Kitts

These 2 islands in the Caribbean — Saint Kitts and Nevis —  were some of the first islands to be occupied by Europeans known as the Mother Colony of the West Indies. The islands offer fantastic diving sites due to ample marine life.

St. Kitts island alone has an enticing collection of attractions  and it is easy to engage with the island through a host of activities. Start your tour with:


Sugar Train Tour

To board the Scenic Railway is the best way to do if you could do just one thing in St. Kitts, as it is the last one in the West Indies. The train today takes travelers on an 18-mile journey and was constructed for the sugar trade in the early 20th century. Visitors can enjoy the gentle wind with complimentary rum punch and the sounds of the train’s own choir as the double-decker carriages have open-sided top decks.


Visit the Volcano

The highest volcano at 3,792ft (1,156m) is Mount Liamuiga, the island is paramount by three volcanic peaks. Enveloped with rainforest, on the way to the top you may encounter vervet monkeys and wild orchids. To reach the very top is exclusive to the fittest and as a reward, take a peek of the impressive deep crater. Visitors can also go part of the way or strive on a gentler nature trail on the slopes.


Bike the Hills

Riding a mountain bike, quad bike or horse are fun ways to encounter the hills of St. Kitts. Local guides are present who will take you forth twisting trails through the forest and old cane fields and towards to the sea. You can go your own way if confident and if you prefer.


Embrace the Scenery

A tour around the coast can be just as rewarding though The St. Kitts inner is amazingly bushy. You’ll see stretches of atypical lava formations, volcanic sand, lovely villages and thick foliage as well as representative Caribbean beaches.  It is well worth touring the finger of land that stretches out approaching its sister isle of Nevis.


Dip Into the Water

The island is great for all types of water sports as it is surrounded by warm blue seas. For thrill-seekers, kiteboarding has become in demand. Travelers can glide across the sea in a kayak, also a good way to spot wildlife for those who opt for a less intense experience.


What’s In Florida?

Dry Tortugas National Park

Dry Tortugas National Park includes seven small islands, is a 100 square miles of open water. Lies 70 miles west of Key West, it is one of the more remote parks managed by the National Park Service. They are called the “Dry” Tortugas as there is no fresh water on the islands. One of the largest 19th-century American forts resides in the islands is the impressive Fort Jefferson. Tourist can take their pick on where to spend the night: the island’s campgrounds or aboard a chartered yacht are the two choices. Water activities like snorkeling and diving, the Dry Tortugas are a prime destination due to the crystal clear water.

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Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory

A butterfly park that is the habitat for more than 50 kinds species of butterfly is the Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory. Butterfly-friendly flowers, plants, waterfalls, and trees are all included together with the butterflies, living in a climate-controlled habitat. There are a number of birds that resides also in the conservatory. A learning center is provided which permits visitors to view several live caterpillars at varying stages of their lives.

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens

The beautiful botanical gardens located on the grounds of Marie and William Selby’s former home in gorgeous Sarasota Bay is the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens. The perfect way to escape from the hustle and bustle outside the park is by walking through the accurately designed gardens. As it is dedicated to the study and display of epiphytes, especially orchids, attracting scholars from all over the world, the Marie Selby Gardens is the only of its type in the world. Including a cafe and a tea room, assorted options for dining are located in the park. The gardens are a very popular wedding venue and host many events all the way through the year.

Discovery Cove

A theme park and marine attraction located in Orlando and is operated by SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment is the Discovery Cove. The park provides tourists the chance to visit and interact with a wide scope of marine wildlife.  Dolphin Swim is one of the most popular attractions, where guests can swim and play with bottlenose dolphins. Tourists can swim with a variety of fish and other marine animals as Discovery Cove also has a coral reef. Coming from one attraction to another and passes many of the park’s most popular areas, the Tropical River allows guests to float.


Coastal Towns of Greece

Oia, Santorini

As it may be the most beautiful town in all of Greece is Oia. The town sits on a gentle cliff that overlooks the turquoise Med below and famously known for its whitewashed architecture and blue-domed churches. Oia is the perfect place to enjoy a peaceful break from the modern world as it is known for being a serene and quiet place, while there are plenty of restaurants, shops, and other bits. For those looking to discover the many thrilling hiking trails of Santorini, an island formed of volcanic rock, giving it a noticeable dark look and the town can be utilized as a type of base camp.

Chora, Mykonos

Mykonos, no doubt is one of the most popular locations in Greece, prominent for its exotic culture. It is often the place people are alluding to when they converse about Mykonos rather than the whole island although the town itself is locally known as Chora. Chora is a cosmopolitan town, a combination of traditional Greek culture with aspects of modern-day lifestyle, which has made to it is world-famous for its celebrated nightlife. Chora is a clearly beautiful city with splendid architecture perfected with its vibrant atmosphere.

Athens, Greece

A tour to Athens is a must when visiting Greece. Brace yourself when visiting the world famous Acropolis, Theatre of Herodes Atticus, and Pantheon. Modernized Athens has its own distinction while it is home to some 3,000 years of history. Athens of today can be just as exciting as Athens of the past as it is full of activities like doing water sports, stunning beaches, lively nightlife and indulging on some of the world’s finest cuisine.

Kissamos, Crete

A concealed place perfect for captivating the mishmash sights, resonates and scents Crete has to offer, on its northern coast sits the town of Kissamos. The village itself has quite a few things to present, including its own exotic beaches and its wine-making reputation, a short distance away from the impressive Balos Beach.

Rhodes Old Town, Rhodes

With much appreciation to the history of this amazing location, to spend time in the old town of Rhodes is an uncommon and exceptional experience. The town witnessed many developments, leader, and progressions, since these times, but has kept its ancient feel and architecture. To spend time here does not simply feel like you’re living in another country but in another time. Rhodes is certainly one of the best maintained medieval cities in Europe.


Visiting Busan, South Korea

To tell you frankly, Seoul isn’t the only city in South Korea that’s worth the visit, and you obviously haven’t heard Busan. Busan has recently been gaining attraction and now sees a steady flow of tourists and this city is located in the Southern regions.

The second largest city in South Korea, Busan is a seaside town. It possesses a profusion of seaports, hot springs, and beaches. Anyone who visited Busan can attest that the city is a more chilled out, relaxed version compared to populated Seoul, and contains treasures in abundance just waiting to be discovered.


Since Busan is a seaside town, it has a massive seaport. It is a must for every visit to the city to drop by a fish market. An extremely famous market is Jagalchi Fish Market, for it is Korea’s largest seafood market. You can discover all sorts of seafood, be it live and or even dried, even whale meat as in inclusion.

Tourists can even find seafood restaurants and buffets available with fresh ingredients as there is an indoor and outdoor section to the market.


While you are in Korea, indulge in relaxing spas and bathhouses like most Koreans since its arguably compulsory going to one.

One of the oldest spas known in South Korea is Hur Shim Chung Spa. Perfect for mineral spas – the waters used brags generous of magnesium and a huge hot spring within can also be found.


One of Busan must-visit locations is the Taejongdae Resort Park. Especially famed for its rock beach and it is set on a cliff. There are even tour courses around the park that cater specifically to couples and families and the highest peak is 250 meters above sea level.

There is also the Danubi Train that travels beyond the park for swift sightseeing. From the rest of Busan city, the park might be a little out of the way, but the extending oceans and the beautiful blue hues of the sea will make your trip valuable.


To pay a visit one of their many temples is another way to fully immerse yourself in Busan culture. Mainly because it can be found on the coast Haedong Yonggungsa is one of the more popular Buddhist temples in Korea. Since a majority of the Korean temples are placed in mountainous areas, this is considered rare.

Haedong Yonggungsa gives an amazing sweeping view of the ocean. To make a wish during sunrise as well, Busan locals often go here on New Year’s Day. Making the temple look even more mystical, there are even cherry blossoms that bloom in April.



Beautiful Phuket

Phuket island – a beautiful ancient old village, great scenery, and picturesque cultural charms. Exploring the nearby islands and must-see attractions Phuket is also a good base. Phang Nga Bay is world-famous place in Phuket.

A unique feature when one says of Phang Nga Bay is the veritable limestone karsts that project vertically out of the bright green color like that of an emerald water.  Two of the more famous spots in this bay is James Bond Island and Koh Panyee.

A famous landmark in Phang Nga Bay is James Bond Island. The James Bond movie ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’ paved its way onto the international tourist map through its starring role. Lies next to the similar well known Koh Ping Ghan (or ‘Ping Gan’ or ‘Ping Gun’) for the outlandish, why-doesn’t-it-fall-over outline of James Bond Island or Koh Tapu (means Nail Island in Thai). It can get crowded with tourist boats during peak season but the entire area surrounding this island is spectacular.

Shelters about of 400 sq km, James Bond Island highlights Phang Nga Bay and is habitat to some 100 islands, most could feature in The Guinness Book of Records either for their attractive site or for their bizarre shapes. Ever since the island was used as the location for the 1974 Bond movie, James Bond Island has been a major destination with its signature rocky pinnacle. Good thing it is under national park protection and as a result, no boats of any kind are allowed to go too close to the island with its uncertain position – big on the upper portion of the island while relatively slim at the bottom. Riding on boats or from the small beach on Koh Ping Ghan are the two best ways to take a glimpse of James Bond Island.

Another sample of how the Mother Nature works her magic is seeing Koh Ping Ghan. The island has a very high inclined rock that has some small caves inside. There are stalls and stands selling novelty souvenirs, chiefly made from shells and woods on its crowded eastern beach. This island is a popular spot for sailing and kayaking.

Arranged tours come with travel to other popular islands. The tour also includes seafood lunch at the accessible Muslim fishing village on stilts, the Koh Panyee. It really is best to bring along a snap-shut waterproof camera bag even though tour companies usually hand out plastic bags to keep safe your camera. You can opt to rent a long-tail boat from Surakul Pier in Phang Nga if you want to have a personal tour.


The Enchanted Queensland

A truly pure enchantment is the Great Barrier Reef. It casts a spell over all who enter the spot not only does it delight the senses. The Great Barrier Reef is the most extensive coral reef system in the world stretching through the sapphire blue waters of Queensland for over 2000 kilometers. It is also the largest World Heritage area, and the largest structure made entirely by living organisms, stretching from Bundaberg in the south, to beyond Cape York in the Tropical North Queensland Region. The Great Barrier Reef covers more than 2900 individual reefs and 900 islands but not a single reef as some would think. Others are small bare sand cays, perpetually vegetated cays, continental islands and some of these islands are unoccupied.

Offers some of the best boating and diving in the world by the warm waters off Queensland. This will introduce you to an extremely deep underwater world and grands of brilliantly colored species of aquatic life that includes 1500 kinds of fish, 4000 kinds of mollusks, 350 kinds of echinoderms and 350 kinds of corals by diving the Great Barrier Reef. A kaleidoscope of color for divers, snorkelers, and people watching from underwater observatories and glass-bottomed boats created by this diversity. From around 22’C in July to around 27’C in January is the average water temperatures on the reef range which makes it perfect for diving all year round.

For a number of rare and endangered species, the Reef became a breeding area. To give delivery to their young in our reef waters, Humpback whales splash up from the Antarctic. Dugong makes their shelter among the sheltered Seagrass beds as there are six of the world’s seven species of sea turtle breed on the Reef.

One of Australia’s major tourist journey is the Reef region. Traveler’s Digest suggests only one company but there are countless boats and different companies to take you to the Reef. Visiting should be enjoyed with a company that gives you personal attention and enjoying the reefs is a personal exhilaration. This company is called “Seahorse Sail and Dive”. To provide safety, comfort, and all that it takes to give you the day of your life as their catamaran motorized sailboat is the ideal size. Captain Jon, a bearded pirate, the skipper’s name that has explored the world and is one of the finest dive/instructors that I have stumbled on and I may say I have met hundreds. Captain Jon teaches you, spoils you with laughter and a carefree attitude that is both amusing and informing. He is a character for sure. A day that was more fulfilling, I cannot remember a day better spent. With every single need and every fantasy, Captain & Crew have provided our small group. He recognizes the ocean, the reefs and everything under the waves. Another adventurous, educational and will give you memories to last a lifetime is the Seahorse reef tour.